Our Beliefs

First Presbyterian Church is a covenant community. While, in a general sense we are a member of the Fellowship of Presbyterians and a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.), in a much more specific sense we are covenanted with with one another in key areas. 

  1. We worship the Triune God of the Scriptures: God is infinite and eternal, omniscient and omnipotent, worshipped as divine in each of the three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet being one God.
  2. We gather as sinners seeking salvation: We are accountable to one another to lead a holy life, yet, we recognize that none of us are perfected. We are in community to correct and encourage one another in our daily walk. We covenant to pray with and for each other. We are responsible, each in our own way, to live our lives in such a way that we might spur one another on to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Savior. 
  3. We are called to live for others: Christ has offered us salvation, not to gather behind walls and doors once each week to think how fortunate we are, but to offer the world what Christ has given to us, to live it out in our community, our country, and wherever God will call us to go throughout the whole world. We are to be like Christ, poured out as a sacrifice, that the world may know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
  4. We claim one holy, catholic Church: While we hold to the protestant, reformed faith, we claim as brothers and sisters in Christ people of all races, colors, ethnicities, nationalities, languages, denominations, and whatever other means the world may use to divide or categorize, all those who worship Christ as the divine Son of God and look to him alone for their salvation. 
  5. We are called to the service of all: Recognizing that Christ set aside his own glory to make himself as one of us, we know that we are called to minister to the widow and the orphan, to the person in prison and to the one who seeks shelter each night, to the hungry and the friendless, to the persecuted and the oppressed. We are called to be a voice crying for justice for those who still seek justice in this world. 

In all of this, it is our hope that Christ will be glorified and the Kingdom of God will be spread abroad. 

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  March 2020  
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